Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We recommend We can assist in this process on request at no extra cost.
You will need an existing website to show Stripe about your business. Setup is free of charge and there are no monthly fees with has one of the highest approval rates for new accounts worldwide; but it doesn't necessarily mean you will be guaranteed an account. is often available for businesses looking to set up and accept credit cards. is another solution. We can help you apply for either PayPal or Payoneer at no extra cost should your application with not be accepted. Note that acceptance by PayPal or Payoneer is not guaranteed as these are third-party providers.
You will receive an electronic certificate of formation, memorandum of association, minutes of the first board meeting, register of members and share ledger, members certificates, minute book, 12 months of telephone line rental, 12 months of fax-to-email line rental, a digital banking solution, a virtual office address and access to online mail forwarding. All documents are sent in PDF format to you via email.
You will be sent a website link, username and password along with instructions on how to manage your phone and fax numbers.
You can pay your bills via the telecommunications company service providers website. Please note that phone and fax services are prepaid. i.e. You prepay a certain amount of credit and your calls / faxes / re-direction costs are deducted from your prepaid balance. You can top this balance up online at any time, or use the automatic top-up service.
UK Phone number - $12 USD / Year UK Fax number - $12 USD / Year NZ Phone number - $24 USD / Year NZ Fax number - $24 USD / Year
Please see call rates here:
Your new business phone number to another phone anywhere in the world - or you can divert it directly to voicemail. Voicemail messages are automatically sent to your nominated email address. Alternatively, if you have a VOIP phone handset connected to the internet, you can answer your phone and make calls that way. There's also a mobile app which you can download to make or answer calls as well.